March 17 - MØ @ The Vogue Theatre-6165

Photo Gallery: MØ + Tei Shi @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – March 17th 2017

Danish singer-songwriter Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen, known professionally as MØ, brought her tour through Vancouver last night to a sold-out Vogue Theatre.

I have been waiting a few years now to see her, the last few times she has visited our fair city I was unable to free up the time to see her.

He set was incredibly energetic and completely entertaining. She is one hard working, talented performer. The lighting was so well managed, shoutout to the lighting tech that managed that perfection.

MØ  @ The Vogue Theatre – March 17th 2017

One of my favourite parts of the night was when MØ stepped down from the stage to interact with the crowd. Even though there were 1,200+ people in attendance, she really managed to make it feel like the most intimate of club gigs.

If you don’t know MØ, get off your butt and check her out.

Opening the night was Argentinian indie pop star Valerie Teicher, a.k.a Tei Shi. Her more delicate and whimsical style really complimented the headliner and rounded out the night with the best of two fantastic musicians. She stage was shrouded in a cloak of theatrical smoke that added to the whimsy. I left her set wanting more, definitely one to watch.

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