Monster Truck + The Temperance Movement @ Commodore Ballroom – February 25th 2016

Monster Truck @ Commodore Ballroom - February 25th 2016

This Monster of a show was sold out. I’m not sure when it was sold out or how fast, all I know, is this show was worth it with an opening band like The Temperance Movement. Soulful rock that has a Clutch like feeling, yet no aliens or conspiracy lyrics. When you have a chance to see The Temperance Movement be sure to watch the lead singer, his face will bring you to a new level of appreciation within expression.

Now since my weekend was full and i had many things to do, I left this show early, although if i was not as busy in my life i would have stayed for the whole show, Monster truck started off their show with a great light show, the fans had soo much energy, the crowd surfing hit the barrier fast even before the 3 songs where up, the rest of music world needs to keep an eye on these two bands.

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