Motionless In White + Miss May I @ Brooklyn Bowl – September 28th 2017

Opening the show with class and style is the ever so appealing William Control & Neuromantic Boys who didn’t hold back against a unaware crowd. Opening with The Monster the group began to experience technical issues (Will’s mic wasn’t working for the first few minutes) which was then followed by the track cutting out. Will said “fuck it, lets go to the next song”. The group quickly led into Confess which went better for the lads and had Crilly (from Ashes to Angels) getting really into the song by spinning around and kneeling onto his keyboard stand while doing backing vocals. Up next was Beautiful Loser off of the record Hate Culture. In the beginning of the song Crilly stood on top of his keyboard stand while playing and jumped off with a successful landing. It seemed everything was going well until the stand collapsed as he was playing the keys normally this time. Still trying not to lose his place he quickly swung the mic around and did backing vocals while trying to pick up his mangled keyboard and straps. It took right under two minutes to get the stand back together thanks to a touring friend of the band who helped set it back up to it’s original position. I spoke with her after the set and she said that she was pulling double duty (slinging merch and watching the stage), but because she couldn’t do two things at once it ultimately took her a few minutes to reach the stage and help out. Despite the small setback the rest of the group pressed on and William displayed his dance moves along with his mic spinning skills as he swung it sky high and was able to catch it again. After Beautiful Loser came Strangers which had Will really feeling the energy as he screamed “yes!” followed by a clap and a smile in between lyrics. He also took a poll for who could be the loudest as he raised his mic stand and held it into the crowd to get them hyped for the next act.

Following William Control came a group of hard rockers who lit up the crowd like a candle. Made up of Levi Benton, Ryan Neff, Jerod Boyd, B.J. Stead and Justin Aufdemkampe, the group comes together to form the household name Miss May I. Miss May I took the roof of the Brooklyn Bowl with a short, but defining set. “Lets have some fun, let me see you get those fists up high” said Benton before kicking off their set with Into The Grey. After the crowd was warmed up they played a classic song titled Relentless Chaos which had the entire crowd off their feet jumping with Benton while others chose to headbang and raise their metal horns. Benton didn’t hold back his love for Sin City as he exclaimed “Vegas, it’s so good to be back!” Before leading into My Sorrow Benton asked the crowd to pick up their friends and crowd surf to the front which clearly resulted in a busy security staff catching waves of people coming across the barricade. Miss May I was also able to get the crowd to hold up lighters and cell phones during the song with the stage lights off which was a great sight all around the venue. Before closing out their set the band played one more classic for the old school fans entitled Hey Mister which was received with one of the loudest reactions I’ve heard all night. The last three songs came from the bands 2017 album release titled Shadows Inside (it’s definitely some of the bands greatest work to date) Swallow Your Teeth, Under Fire, Shadows Inside were so great to hear live and will definitely go down as classics in the book of Miss May I.

Overall, the tour kicked off to a pretty good start and definitely has a solid line up that metal and rock fans can enjoy. Although most of these bands come from the same genre they all bring a unique set of cards to the table in which they are set apart.

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