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Noah Gundersen at Biltmore Cabaret

Noah Gundersen @ Biltmore Cabaret – September 11th 2015

Noah Gundersen brought his new material to Vancouver. His recent album “Carry The Ghost” was a very nice soundtrack in my headphones at work for several days. So I was expecting a very mellow concert where every sneeze would sound like a thunder. But there were few very pleasant surprises awaiting for me.
All five people on the stage were members of one talented family (if we count one “brother from another mother”). Noah was not into speaking much. It was a night of music.
My friend – a fan of Gundersen family – said that this concert was much more rock than those she has seen before. And it didn’t sound like she was happy with that. On my side, it sounded much more energetic and interesting, because it is great when concert performances differ from recordings. The peak moment for me came, when Noah and his brothers and sister started playing super familiar tunes, and it was definitely not Noah’s song. I recognized it right away, as it was a song by one of my most favorite bands. It was totally out of the line and I couldn’t be pleased more. I could see crowd is not sure what is going on, but trying to follow heavy riffs. Guys next to me started wondering what is the song, and I helped them out. It was Change by DEFTONES! Night turned from being just great to amazing!
After that Noah returned to his romantic tunes. When the band left the stage and crowd called for another song, he returned to play solo. Left the stage. But after “one more song” challenge, returned, checked if “we are on time?” and treated fans to one more tune.

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