Photo Gallery: Noah Kahan @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – December 12th 2021

After 2+ years since his last visit to Vancouver, Noah Kahan made it back to Canada. While they didn’t know it, everyone at the venue was in for the show of a lifetime.

Kahan walked onto the stage solo, guitar in hand. He wasted no time and started singing ‘A Troubled Mind’ from his most recent EP ‘Cape Elizabeth’. The crowd (and myself) went crazy at the sound of his unique voice and stunning melody.

By the second song, Kahan had everyone on their feet, singing and dancing along to ‘Passenger’, one of the songs that made him famous.

These past two years, Kahan certainly took the time to grow as an artist. His performance and stage presence were much stronger, providing him with the ability to put on an incredible show.

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