NOFX + Pears @ MacEwan Hall – November 9th 2016

The roots of punk rock still run deep in Calgary. MacEwan Hall was at capacity with a sold out crowd there to take in Los Angles based punk rockers NoFX. After thirty plus years NoFX is still going strong, the crowd was pulsating awaiting Fat Mike and the rest of the crew to take the stage. Crowd surfing was happening among the crowd before the first note was even played. But what was different about this crowd was the number of young punk fans in the audience. I mean young, as I spoke to a man who had brought his seven year old son, as they both loved the music, the father from his skate days, and his seven year old in the now. There were dozens of similar stories this into the crowd. Lots of high fives for the young fans, as there was a comradery among the fans that was palatable.

NoFx and Pears would not disappoint with a high energy moshing good time. Fat Mike donned the sunglasses by the second song as he indicated they have been playing hard on the tour. With Trump being presidential-elect the day before and American NoFX, still firing on all cylinders, and a very young fans in attendence it seems like the perfect storm for a resurgence of punk.

A madhouse, tongue and check, and full of life.

If you have the chance check them out on this tour. You will no regret it.

NOFX set list:
60%/Dinosaurs Will Die
I’m Telling Tim
Murder in C/Quart In Session
6 Years on Dope
Indifferent Drum
72 Hookers
Man I Killed
Idiots Are Taking Over
Triple Rock
I Don’t Like Me Anymore
Perfect Government
Moron Brothers
Eat The Meek
The Separation of Church and Skate
I Believe in Goddess
I’m So Sorry Tony
Bottles to the Ground

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