Peaches + Quay Dash @ Commodore Ballroom – September 28th 2016

Peaches @ Commodore Ballroom Vancouver – September 28th 2016 — Draft

Since the release of the album RUB, just over a year ago, a few of the tracks from the album seem to find there way into my playlists on a regular basis.

Peaches is so good and building these intriguing beats and matching them with layers of audio snippets, sound effects, and tantalizing lyrics.

Seeing her perform at the Commodore Ballroom was a treat. She commits fully to her persona, engrossing herself in its obscurities and beauty.

Many had told me that witnessing a Peaches show was a seeing pure chaos, but I didn’t see it that way. It seemed like everything had it’s place within the story of each song.

I found myself just smiling and staring in awe of everything that was happening. She is truly inspirational in her creativity.

I should also point out the opener, Quay Dash, and just how great she was. Her lyrical flow was a perfect amalgamation of aggressive and smooth. Some songs were these epic events that grabbed you by the head and shook it around, while others brought this 90s slick hip hop meets R&B vibe, getting your hips to do the work that your toes couldn’t finish.

Such a fantastic night of art and music. Thank you to both artists for their dedication to music and their fans.

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