Phoenix 90’s Block Party @ Comerica Theatre – May 12th 2018

90sblock party

For those who live through the 90s know that there was some great music out from all genres.
My particular favorite genre was R&B and Hip Hop. The two genres joined together and gave birth to a new type of which was New Jack Swing.

New Jack Swing wasn’t exactly hip hop and it wasn’t exactly R&B but something different the creator of this was Teddy Riley.

He hit you with hit, after hit, after hit whether he wrote it or performed it.
Here’s a quick run down GUY, Blackstreet, Bobbi Brown, Heavy D & The Boyz, Dougie Fresh or just the tip of the iceberg of what this man has accomplished musically.

Saturday May 12th the Phoenix 90’s block party tour which included acts Ginuwine / Ginuwine…the Bachelor here are a few of his singles “Pony” “Tell Me Do U Wanna” “I’ll Do Anything/I’m Sorry” “Only When Ur Lonely” “Holler” and “Same Ol’ G”.
Out of all the acts tonight, this man danced his ass off.

The group NEXT debut album Rated NEXT, was a beast back in the day. Members Raphael Brown, RL and Terry “T Low” Brown had hits like “Butta Love” Wifey “Too Close” & I Still Love You”

Jagged Edge and 112 did something I haven’t seen since Motown 25 wear as the two rival groups battle each other song for song dance for dance step. All in good fun of course and at the end of the battle, each group would sing the others song saying it was one of their favorite songs. Both of these groups were groomed by two other big names in music Sean P-Diddy (112) and Jermaine DuPree (Jagged Edge). So stage present was burned deep into these acts.

The man that kept the train moving was comedian Gary G-Thang Johnson.
This guy was funny as hell. Going out in the crowd and let them TRY to sing to everyone.
Only to have G-Thang snatch the microphone away from them, with a loud “IF YOU DON’T SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!!”

We (photogs) had access all night to shoot, so there was no 3 songs in out tonight.
Which means I have way more pictures than I know what to do with. I got to shoot some of my favorite groups and sing along to songs I haven’t heard in awhile and there was no restriction.

Ok funniest moment of the night for me. Some random older lady runs up to the stage to give out their phone numbers to somebody…ANYBODY that would take it. Ol girl was on a mission to teach one of those young boy a lesson.

I think each group came off stage to interact with the crowd which was great for the some women. Just to touch these shirtless sweaty men in front of their boyfriends or husbands. Living out of their fantasies and the performers like RL, Ginuwine, and Aaron Hall loved to be a part of that fantasy for them.

Like I said I shot way more pictures than I know what to do with, but nevertheless here’s some of them. And if you miss GUY like I have and you want to see them again. You’re in luck because at the end of the year they said that there will be a new guy project at the end of the year so stay tuned.

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