Photo Gallery: Amber Mark @ The Biltmore Cabaret – April 10th 2022

Amber Mark fans are a different breed. Despite a lengthy delay caused by technical issues with the sound system (and a chilly night outside) the crowed stayed excited and in high spirits, wasting zero time getting inside and to the stage once the Biltmore opened. It helped, of course, that Amber herself made an appearance at the door, hugging fans and apologizing for the wait – which may explain her fan’s devotion and the excitement they showed when she finally took the stage for an up close and intimate night with her fans.

On a catwalk surrounded by her fans, Amber bounced through her debut album, “Three Dimensions Deep,” throwing in fun covers like Sisqo’s “The Thong Song” (the inclusion of which she blamed on COVID and it being an incredible song which, we suppose, we agree with).

We hope you enjoy a few photos of the show!

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  • On & On
  • Softly
  • What If
  • One
  • Bubbles
  • Lose My Cool
  • FOMO/Thong Song
  • Miser/remixer/All the work
  • Monsoon
  • What It Is
  • Foreign Things
  • Love Me Right
  • Way back
  • Cosmic
  • Darkside
  • Worth It
  • Most Men / Competition / Bliss

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