Death Grips @ Harbour Convention Center, Vancouver - May 5th 2023 © Sharon Steele

Photo Gallery: Death Grips @ Harbour Convention Centre, Vancouver – May 5th 2023

Death Grips performed to a sold out crowd at the Harbour Events Convention Centre in Vancouver and by the enormous line up to get it (spanning all the way down the seawall to Science World) the show was delayed by approx 45 minutes to allow all those who were in line get in to see the show. The band is embarking on a tour which kicked off in Portland the evening earlier and haven’t played live since the 2019 Afro-Punk Festival. They are geared to spread the heavy grungy hip-hop style further.

Loud, full of raucous and fun judging by the audience’s reaction. Likely the next time they roll thru town it will be in a larger venue. 

Setlist courtesy of

System Blower
I’ve Seen Footage
Spread Eagle Cross the Block
I Break Mirrors with my face in the US
Takyon (Death Yon)
Get Got
You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for ….
No Love
Hustle bones
BB Posion
Inanimate Sensation
Death Grips is online
Giving bad people good ideas
Anne Bonny
The Fever
Have a sad cum BB
Up my sleeves
Steroids Track A
Steroids Track C
Come up and Get me
Bubbles buried in the Jungle
Lost Boys
Black Paint
Big House
Lock your doors
Runway H

Thanks to Timbre Concerts for having us out.

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Photos © Sharon Steele

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