Photo Gallery: Dragonette @ The Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver – April 4th 2023

Is Dragonette the most underrated Canadian singer of the last 20 years? I have no idea, if I’m being honest, and everyone probably has their own, hyper-specific answer. Carly Rae, maybe? We hear great things about Haviah Mighty and Poesy, lately. If I have a point, I guess it’s this: Dragonette has an absurd amount of killer tracks. You don’t realize it until she gets into her set, or you scroll through your favorite streaming app. Though she has never had a #1 hit song in Canada or the US (she reached #8 here with 2010’s “Hello” which she released with Martin Solveig, an incredible song that never gets old) Dragonette has released a string of standouts working with Kaskade, The Knocks, and Zeds Dead to name a few. You know all her songs, and the words, and you love them.

Dragonette, to my knowledge, has never stopped touring. We had a great time at the Hollywood Theatre this week singing along to songs like “Body 2 Body” and “Tokyo Nights.” She joked about working with her drummer Joel for the past 18 years, which blows my mind. I remember when “I Get Around” came out in 2007… How old am I? Alright then. Good chat. Enjoy some photos!

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Dragonette’s Setlist:

  • Easy
  • Body 2 Body
  • Pick Up The Phone
  • Right Woman
  • T-Shirt
  • Run Run Run
  • This Is All You Get
  • Good Intentions
  • Tokyo Nights
  • Outlines
  • I Get Around
  • Twennies
  • Slow Song
  • New Suit
  • Hello
  • Let It Go
  • Stormy (Encore)
  • Live in This City (Encore)

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