Photo Gallery: Fallujah @ Hangar 1819, Greensboro – July 6th 2024

Photo Gallery: Fallujah + Persefone + Vulvodynia + Dawn of Ouroboros + Detest the Throne @ Hangar 1819, Greensboro – July 6th 2024

For Fallujah‘s 10 year anniversary tour of their sophomore album The Flesh Prevails, they are joined by Persefone, Vulvodynia, Dawn of Ouroboros.

On this sweltering second night of the tour it was wonderful to have a great mix of metal bands, from brutal to melodic and back again. Detest the Throne, a deathcore band from Charlotte, North Carolina, opened for the night and provided some powerful messages and music. Dawn of Ouroboros, the tour opener, is a beautiful melodic-melancholic death metal band California. Vulvodynia is a deathcore band from South Africa and really brought out the brutal metal with extremely high energy. Persefone is a melodic progressive death metal band from Andorra, and is in the United States for the first time in six years—they truly are a cannot miss band.

Fallujah, a progressive death metal band, is based in California. They have been around since 2007, with their first album released in 2011. On stage, they have such positive energy actively keep the crowd engaged.

Unique Leader Records’ remixed and remastered version of The Flesh Prevails was released on July 5, 2024.

Fallujah’s North American tour still has several more dates through August 3rd and tickets are on sale.

Fallujah © Marissa Straw

Persefone © Marissa Straw

Vulvodynia © Marissa Straw

Dawn of Ouroboros © Marissa Straw

Detest the Throne © Marissa Straw