Photo Gallery: Fleet Foxes + Uwade @ Red Hat Amphitheater – July 29th 2022

Fleet Foxes have embarked on an expansive headlining tour in support of their fourth studio album, Shore.  The album was released to critical acclaim back in 2020, and the current tour marks their first live shows since 2018. So it was with great anticipation that we headed out to Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh NC to catch the band on a steamy Friday night. 

The evening began with Robin Pecknold coming out to address the crowd prior to the opening set by Nigerian-born, North Carolina-raised singer Uwade.  Pecknold looked at the building clouds on the horizon and mentioned that the past few times Fleet Foxes have played Raleigh, it had rained.  He was hoping this time there would be no weather-related interruptions.  Despite the high hopes, shortly into Uwade’s set the storms came once again and the vivid lightning caused a brief evacuation of the venue.  Luckily the storm passed quickly, and Fleet Foxes took the stage 30 minutes later than planned.  They kicked off their performance, joined by Uwade, with “Wading in Waist‐high Water.”  Fleet Foxes set the bar high and kept it there throughout their set.

Check out our photos from the night:

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