Photo Gallery: Fletcher + Roan Chappell @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – November 10th 2022

Fletcher’s most recent Vancouver show was, unsurprisingly, sold out. Not sold out in the usual “there are no more tickets for the show” sort of way, it had more of a “the opener is just starting, why is there a solid wall of bodies? I guess we can sit on the second level” vibe, and we were here for it.

With that level of support from her fans, it’s equally unsurprising that much of her show turned into a singalong. Fletcher often seemed shocked when the crowd knew all the words and took very little prompting to take over during “Undrunk” and Britney’s “If You Seek Amy.”

Check out some photos of Fletcher, as well as her amazing opener Chappell Roan, below!

Fletcher Setlist:

  • Guess We Lied
  • Conversations
  • Sting
  • Serial Heartbreaker
  • Her Body Is Bible
  • Shh… Don’t Say It
  • Holiday
  • If I Hated You
  • I Love You, Bitch
  • Healing
  • If U Seek Amy (Britney Spears cover)
  • Undrunk
  • Better Version
  • All Love
  • Sex (With My Ex)
  • For Cari
  • I Think I’m Growing? / Girl Of My Dreams

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