Photo Gallery: Lany @ PNE Amphitheatre – September 22nd 2022

LANY is back in Vancouver touring their latest album gg bb xx. Fans gathered to watch the American band perform at the PNE Ampitheathre.

As the lights turned down, fans yelled out the band’s name in unison with excitement.

The band members came out running and took their places on stage. Eventually, Paul Jason Klein, the band’s singer, came onto stage running with unmatched energy which he kept all throughout the show.

The artists played all of their biggest hits, from ILYSB and Made in Hollywood, all the way to their newest song Congrats and had the crowd swaying, jumping, and even climbing on each other’s shoulders (safely, of course).

The way lead singer Klein engages the audience and brings up the energy is incredible. If you ever have a chance to see LANY live, do it!

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