Photo Gallery: Lee Fields + The Monophonics @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – March 14th 2024

Brilliant night of soul this evening. Lee Fields is a master of his craft and a serious romantic to boot. He went into a grateful monologue about his lovely wife and celebrating 55 years of marriage, and working hard so she could have anything she wants, before launching into his song “Forever.” Shortly, he ended up leaving the stage holding his throat and returning a couple times, stopping the song, and trying to explain what was happening. “Pray for me, I’ve never felt like this before… I came here to perform so unless they carry me out of here on a stretcher, I’m gonna perform!” The audience went wild with cheers and positive messages, telling him to take a break if he needed it – but he didn’t – he came back out with renewed vigor and carried on the show.

Photos © Andy Scheffler

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