Photo Gallery: Mac Sabbath @ The Observatory, Santa Ana – January 26th 2023

Ronald Osbourne cooking up a delicious set for Santa Ana, CA.

Drive Thru the Madhouse

Take the storied, often eccentric, legacy of Black Sabbath and throw it in a blender with some juxtaposition, satire, and a heaping helping of puns. The result will be an assault on the senses and sensibilities of good taste. Mac Sabbath is a unique and amazing spectacle of a band, embracing the absurdity of the concept and running with it. While they owe a ton to the fuzzy tones of the metal icons they base all of this off, the band has established a cult following. They’ve evolved from a joke into a longstanding experience, one that needs to be seen live.

Mac Sabbath

45 Grave

Toys That Kills

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