Photo Gallery: Mahalia + Alica Creti @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – February 20th 2024

Photo Gallery: Mahalia + Alicia Creti @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – February 20th 2024

Experience the enchanting melodies of British sensation Mahalia, as she graced the stage at Vancouver’s iconic Commodore! With her soul-stirring voice and captivating presence, Mahalia left the audience spellbound. Opening the night was the incredible Alicia Creti, setting the perfect tone for an unforgettable evening.

Mahalia’s performance was nothing short of phenomenal, radiating confidence and beauty. Her authentic and witty storytelling added a personal touch to each song, connecting with fans on a profound level. The crowd sang along passionately, attesting to the universal appeal of Mahalia’s music.

If you missed this magical night, you missed out on an unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for Mahalia’s next musical journey – a night that will leave your heart full and your soul uplifted.

Set List:
1. Ready
2. Simmer
3. Isn’t It Strange
4. Plastic Plants
5. In My Bag
6. Do Not Disturb
7. Lose Lose
8. Letter To Ur Ex
9. IRL
10. Sober
11. Cheat
12. Grateful
13. Hey Stranger
14. Wassup
15. November
16. What You Did

17. It’s Not Me It’s You
18. Terms & Conditions
19. Iwimme

Photos © Craig Fleisch

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