Photo Gallery: Northlane + Invent Animate + Thornhill @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – June 24th 2024

Northlane’s performance at the Commodore Ballroom on their “Mirrors Edge” tour was nothing short of electrifying. The Australian metalcore band kicked off the night with the EP’s title track, instantly captivating the audience. Vocalist Marcus Bridge’s dynamic range, from guttural screams to melodic passages, set the tone for an intense and engaging show.

The evening started strong with opening acts Thornhill and Invent Animate. Thornhill brought a fierce energy, setting the stage with their blend of heavy riffs and melodic vocals. Invent Animate followed, delivering a powerful set that showcased their technical skill and emotional depth, priming the audience for the headliners.

When Northlane took the stage, guitarists Jon Deiley and Josh Smith displayed impeccable chemistry with intricate riffs and soaring solos, while drummer Nic Pettersen provided a relentless rhythm section. Highlights included a fierce rendition of “Bloodline” that had the crowd moshing and headbanging, and the atmospheric blend in “4D” and “Intuition” showcased the band’s versatility.

The visual effects and lighting, particularly during “Echo Chamber,” added to the immersive experience. Marcus Bridge’s heartfelt interactions with the fans created a genuine connection, culminating in a powerful last singalong with “Nova.”

Northlane’s performance was a masterclass in modern metalcore, blending technical skill, emotional depth, and charismatic stage presence, leaving a lasting impression on their Vancouver fans.

Photos of Northlane + Invent Animate + Thornhill © Lukas Holt

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