Photo Gallery: Opeth + Mastodon + Khemmis @ Riverside Municipal Auditorium – May 11th 2022

A Second Helping of a Finely Aged Pairing

The pairing of Mastodon and Opeth is a mighty one that couldn’t be contained to happening once in human history. So of course I knew I had to make it out to photograph the tour closing date in Riverside.

I’ve been photographing bands for ten years ago and the night I made the decision to pursue doing so was the night of the Seattle stop of The Heritage Hunter Tour. I’d been to countless show up to this point in my life, but something clicked that night and so down this rabbit hole I went.

The stage productions have gotten bigger, yet the music has stayed solid and amazing for both bands. Hopefully, we’ll all see this pairing back on the road again sooner than a decade from now.




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