Robyn Hitchcock @ The Hamilton Live– April 19th 2024
Robyn Hitchcock @ The Hamilton Live– April 19th 2024

Photo Gallery: Robyn Hitchcock @ The Hamilton Live – April 19th 2024

In a career now spanning more than four decades, Robyn Hitchcock has more than earned the title of cult artist often lauded upon him. He’s always been a little too surrealist, a little too strange to sustain mainstream appeal (though a series of singles during his time on A&M Records in the late 80s drew him quite a bit of MTV attention and made him a darling of college radio), and seeing him live you get the sense that he wouldn’t have it any other way. But regardless, he’s still built up and maintained a dedicated fanbase over the years that many artists would find enviable.

Even when performing solo acoustic (his usual mode of delivery when playing live these days), Hitchcock knows how to captivate an audience. Friday’s show at The Hamilton Live in downtown Washington, DC was no exception, as he played through a long, career-spanning set with tracks ranging from his first band The Soft Boys to his latest album Shufflemania! released a year and a half ago. Between songs, he often went off on fanciful tangents, including a story which spanned several song breaks involving Jim Morrison growing too tall to be in The Doors and eventually becoming a mountain in South America.

Robyn Hitchcock’s current run of live dates heads up into the northeastern US this week before hitting the middle of the country (Minneapolis and Chicago) and then heading to the west coast for a series of dates in California.



Balloon Man
The Shuffle Man
Madonna of the Wasps
The Feathery Serpent God
I Saw Nick Drake
Alright, Yeah
Autumn Sunglasses
Queen of Eyes
The Lizard

Flavor of Night
The Man Who Invented Himself
Somewhere Apart
I Often Dream of Trains
NY Doll
Listening to the Higsons
Up to Our Nex
So You Think You’re In Love
The Man Who Loves the Rain
I Wanna Destroy You
My Wife and My Dead Wife
One Long Pair of Eyes

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