Sepultura @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – May 31st 2023 © Jason Martin

Photo Gallery: Sepultura + Kreator + Death Angel + SpiritWorld @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – May 31st 2023

We were on hand for for what we think might be the best metal show in Vancouver so far this year, featuring legendary (and soon to be legendary) bands Sepultura, Kreator, Death Angel, and SpiritWorld.

“Death Western” band SpiritWorld opened the night, dressed in their iconic rhinestone jackets and setting the night’s tempo. Death Angel took over where they left off, moving seamlessly from song to song until the headliners found the stage.

Sepultura was incredible. Their setlist was a carefully crafted journey through their endless discography, spanning decades of relentless thrash metal. The crowd was here for it, and each song was met with a chorus of voices screaming the lyrics back to the band.

Co-Headliner and German thrash metal band Kreator has been going strong since the 80s, continually bringing an energy and aggression to the scene that defies belief.

We had a great time at the show, and we hope you enjoy a few photos!

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Sepultura’s Setlist

  • Policia
  • Isolation
  • Territory
  • Means to an End
  • Kairos
  • Propaganda
  • Guardians of Eath
  • Agony of Defeat
  • Refuse/Resist
  • Arise
  • Ratamahatta
  • Roots Bloody Roots

Kreator’s Setlist

  • Sergio Corbucci Is Dead
  • Hate Uber Alles
  • People of the Lie
  • Enemy of God
  • Betrayer
  • Satan Is Real
  • Hordes of Chaos
  • 666 -World Divided
  • Flag of Hate
  • Violent Revolution
  • Pleasure to Kill

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