Photo Gallery: Silverstein + The Devil Wears Prada + Erra – Beartooth @ House of Blues Anaheim – April 5th 2022

One Hell of a Night

The moment Beartooth announced The Below Tour Part II, with Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada, and Erra opening, I knew I need to photograph it. While, that came true, unfortunately after photographing Silverstein I had to attend to a personal matter. To Beartooth please accept my sincerest apologies. I’ve seen them a couple times and they are always amazing in concert, and based off what I’ve seen posted on social media, this tour looks like a huge next step for them in terms of production.

Even without seeing the headliner, the lineup was fantastic and with two bands that can and have headlined you’re in for one amazing night of music.

Jesse Cash of Erra

The big question leading up to the show was if Erra was going to make it out of their rural Utah purgatory and rejoin the tour. That answer to that question was met with cheers from the crowd as Erra started things off with some top notch progressive metalcore, starting off the night with a dreamlike vibe.

Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada

Following a solid set by Erra, metalcore legends The Devil Wears Prada came out and proved why they’ve had the’ve stayed relevant for almost twenty years. They kicked things off with their recent full throttle single “Watchtower”. The band’s progression was on full display, as they went all the way back to 2009 as they went straight into “Danger: Wildman”. Hearing the difference in musicianship without sacrificing heaviness proves this band is not banking on their past and still have a bright future.

Shane Told of Silverstein shows some love to a fan.

When a band comes out to clap from Queen’s “We Will Rock You” they have one thing on their mind, giving the crowd a great time. And that is exactly what Silverstein did, starting their set off with the catchy “Bad Habits” from 2020’s A Beautiful Place to Drown. The first three songs were a whirlwind of energy, crowd surfers and fun. Unfortunately, it was just as I left the photo pit that I pulled out my phone to jot down some notes and realized I had to leave.

The Below Tour Part II was a really fun time, and I only wish I could have stayed to witness the confetti filled conclusion.


The Devil Wears Prada


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