Photo Gallery: The Trews + Bleeker @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – January 26th 2024 

This is the phase of bands celebrating the 20-year anniversary of key albums, and tonight’s show had a similar theme, with The Trews performing their breakout House of Ill Fame album alongside a number of other hits from their career. As the set time creeped closer and the buzz in the room grew, one fellow was heard yelling out from the audience, “I am tired of waiting!” That song and many more were performed to great reception, and the band brought massive energy, tales of the past, and love for the Commodore Ballroom itself. They also included a lot of fan interaction, with the whole band wading into the audience at one point to sing in the middle of the audience, John-Angus MacDonald wandering-minstrel-ing himself up to the balcony level where he perched on a bar ledge while playing guitar, and singer Colin MacDonald finally grabbing a large sign from a fan to read on stage and have the band sign while they were still playing a song. It was a couple good hours of tunes before we were let back out into the rainy night.

Opening the night was Bleeker, a band I was not terrible familiar with, but delighted to learn that I do have a couple songs of theirs on rotation on a playlist. They were a great warm-up for the night, with a lot of action as well, and surely made a few new fans tonight.

Photos © Andy Scheffler

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