Photo Gallery: Wage War @ House of Blues, Anaheim – April 20th 2023

Let’s get Manic

Wage War stopped in Anaheim at the House of Blues with nothing,nowhere. and Spite. The lineup was varied and the crowd was happy. The night got off to one hell of a start when Spite bludgeoned the audience with their visceral brand of Metal. Rap Metallers nothing,nowhere. took things down a different path which lead into the headliners. Wage War combines elements from the last couple decades of Metal, everything from Nu Metal, Rap Metal, electronic elements of Industrial Metal, and Metalcore. This combination works, allowing them to connect with any audience. And connect they did, pulling multiple sing alongs throughout their 19 song set. This is a band to watch climb up the poster of festival lineups in the near future.

Wage War

nothing, nowhere.


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