Photos Gallery: OSees @ Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver - June 22nd 2023

Photos Gallery: Osees @ Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – June 22nd 2023

Having seen this band two times prior , it was definitely on my list. Their live performances are what concert goers go to see. Energy and and engagement. Unfortunately I was unable to watch the openers set, but the Osee’s started ahead of their scheduled set time, and the audience was having all of that and then some. John Dwyer, is the internal engine of the band, and the addition of having two drummers sets this band a part from many.

The sold out show on a Thursday evening, proved that live music only cares about “live music”. If a band has a history of performing well, then, well, word gets around to others and thats why their show at The Commodore Ballroom was sold out.

So how do you name them?…Oh Sees, OSees, it seems it’s an open concept. Basically it’s whatever John wants. But regardless that band has a great following for their live shows. Energy abounding Since 2016, Osees recordings and performances have incorporated two drummers, which is unusual in rock music. But proves in live performance to be a great addition. Drummers bring energy…times that by two…well there ya go.

A sold-out audience will agree to this.

Photos © Sharon Steele

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