Pie Face Girls @ Pour House 2019

Pie Face Girls + Vacant Company + Stevie @ The Pour House Music Hall – June 8th 2019

Raleigh-based DIY punk trio Pie Face Girls have released their sophomore album, Chewin’ the Root.  The album, recorded at Mitch Easter’s Fidelitorium studio and produced by Missy Thangs, is both a continuation and evolution of their catchy distorted garage punk layered over raw lyrics that touch on themes of sex, aggression, and self-empowerment.  The band celebrated the release with a hometown Saturday night party and performance at The Pour House Music Hall. 

The party kicked off with the hook-laden lo-fi garage pop of Stevie.  The local trio who have been busy in the studio working on their anticipated debut album, provided a fun breezy start to the evening.  They were followed by the heavy room shaking DIY hardcore of Vacant Company.  The shift in soundscape was jarring, but served as the perfect adrenaline-fueled kick up the backside to amp up the crowd for Pie Face Girls.

The lights dropped, and Pie Face Girls took the stage draped in black veils and forming a solemn candle-lit procession.  The candles were blown out, the lights came up, and the party kicked off in earnest.  Pie Face Girls thrilled the room full of fans, friends, and family members as they churned through a crowd pleasing set of songs that mixed the new material with live staples. 

Pie Face Girls + Vacant Company + Stevie @ The Pour House Music Hall
Photos © Dan Kulpa // Clashdan Photography

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