Poppy + Jaira Burns @ Westward Music Festival – September 14th 2018

Poppy began her 31-city “Am I A Girl?” tour in our very own Vogue Theater this weekend, one of the first and major draws of Vancouver’s relatively new Westward Music Festival. The singer, songwriter, YouTube sensation and general pop spectacle brought her unique blend of abstract, Apple-like videos (“Doritos! Monster Energy. Doritos! Monster Energy…“) and seemingly innocuous songs like “My Microphone” (“Wheres my microphone? I need to sing…”) to a dialed-in fanbase that would not leave the floor once the set was finished. Does Poppy want to be the first in a line of mass-produced, hyper-aware popstars with a Lady Gaga level of branding? Is she commenting on what she is and what she needs to do with songs like “Money” (“If money can’t buy happiness then why is it so fabulous?”) or is she simply more forward with her place in the system? We at Concert Addicts have no idea! Crazy concert, tho.

Supporting Poppy was Jaira Burns who recently released her first EP “Burn Slow,” gaining popularity with hits like “Ugly,” “OkOkOk” and, of course, “Burn Slow.” With this amount of talent and the number of solid tracks so early in her career we fully expect to be taking photos at shows she headlines soon. The sooner the better.

Enjoy some photos of the show!


Jason Martin is a semi-professional semi-enthusiast (enthusiastic?) Canadian photographer who prefers Nikon, artists who perform under more than a single, purple (or blue/green/red) LED light on stage, and wishes you the best of luck looking for his social media accounts.

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