Robert Randolph @ The Downtown Chandler Concert Series – November 21st 2015

It was a great show in Chandler, AZ. Robert Randolph and the Family Band took the stage and were greeted by a welcoming crowd. They wasted no time digging in to some blues-rock. The cool fall air didn’t seem to bother them at all as they heated up the stage. Robert Randolph and the Family Band is an American funk and soul band led by pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph. Other band members include drummer Marcus Randolph, vocalist Lenesha Randolph, Ray Ray Randolph and Brett Haas.

This was my first time hearing about the group and I was pleased. Since I relocated from New Jersey in August 2014, I haven’t done a lot of concerts. So it felt great to jump back into it. Watching the crowd sing along, and how the band got more animated as the night went on made me remember why I love this so much.

Ok so if your like me and are new or never heard of Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Take a look at their catalog.

Discography 2002 Live at the Wetlands, 2003 Unclassified, 2006 Colorblind, 2010 We Walk This Road, 2011 Robert Randolph & the Family Band Live & 2013 Lickety Split.

Also performing Local bands The Dr. Delicious Band & Eye of Fire.

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