Royal Blood @ The National – June 15th 2018

English two piece rock band Royal Blood played to a packed house at the National Theater in Richmond, Virginia Friday night. This was the last show of a lengthy tour schedule reaching as far back as last summer with shows supporting Queens of the Stone Age and Guns ‘n Roses. Despite such a long stint circling the globe, the duo delivered an onslaught of sound and energy that kept the crowd fired up, wanting for nothing but one more song.

There is something special about the instrumental limitations of two piece rock bands. The one drummer and one guitarist recipe mandates a touch of extra creativity to create a full sound. I’m no music expert but in my observation this arrangement results in the foundation for the band’s characteristic sound more so than groups with a larger headcount. What Royal Blood manages to squeeze out of one bass guitar feeding a witch’s brew of effects and amplification is truly awesome.

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