Royal Blood @ The Vogue Theatre Vancouver © Jamie Taylor
Royal Blood @ The Vogue Theatre - May 23rd 2015

Photo Gallery: Royal Blood @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – May 23rd 2015

Don’t miss out on our interview with Mike + Ben of Royal Blood.

Since the release of their 4-song EP Out Of The Black, I have been infatuated with this two-piece English band.

Their pounding anthemic songs have each become staples in my regular playlists.

They stormed the stage at The Vogue Theatre, and took no prisoners.

Each song poured on thicker than the last, stirring the sold out venue into an absolute frenzy.

It was a sea of flying bodies, flashing lights, and rock-induced chaos.

Watching Mike on the mic was a thing of beauty. He has a great stage persona. An equal mix of bad ass and heart throb.

Ben wailed on those skins with a mechanical precision. His arms pounding down like an ape beating its chest with an animalistic aggression.

At times the two would play of one another, each emphasizing their piece with a little extra exclamation point. You could feel the passion dripping from the stage.

The stage setup was minimalist. There were no screens. There were no laser shows. There was nothing to distract.

When you hear about Dave Grohl or Jimmy Page praising this band, you think it might just be part of the hype machine, but then you hear their recordings and know the praise is genuine. Then you get lucky enough to witness them live, and you see what the fuss is really all about. There are certain things you can`t communicate in a recording; blood, sweat, tears, and goddamn in-the-moment delivery. Each of those piled in layers over the stage last night.

This band is the fucking real deal. ROYAL BLOOD IS NOW!

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