Photo Gallery: Run The Jewels @ The Marquee Theatre – January 29th 2017

You wanna talk about a supergroup, look no further than “R.T.J.” Run The Jewels.

El-P & Killer Mike started this group back in 2013 and has been killing’ it ever since.

They give away their albums so you can learn the music and come to the shows. You just knew it was going to be something special, when you walked in and seen those giant zombie hands making the infamous finger & fist symbol.

I’m so glad they stopped here and I was able to see their show. I love to see cult-like fans at a show., I mean people who don’t care what they look like dancing singing jumping around.

Crowd surfing was a big thing too. Neither El-P or Mike went into the crowd, so the fans came to them.

[FAG id=131100]

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