Saint Motel at Cats Cradle – November 11th 2017
Saint Motel at Cats Cradle – November 11th 2017

Photo Gallery: Saint Motel + Gibbz @ Cats Cradle – November 11th 2017

When last we caught Los Angeles-based indie pop band Saint Motel, they were playing earlier this year at the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta. Now the band are in the midst of an inventive fall headlining tour. The shows in support of their second album, the well-received Saintmotelevision released last fall, are being billed as “Late Night with Saint Motel.” The concept builds on the “saintmotelevision” theme and presents the band as a guest on a late night TV show hosted by Johnny Pemberton. When the tour hit a sold-out Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro NC, we knew this one would be too good to miss.

The Cradle stage was set with a giant TV screen at the back and large “TV cameras” at the corners. The stage crew played the part of a TV film crew and came out to explain to the packed house that the crowd was attending a live TV show filming of “Late Night with Johnny Pemberton,” featuring the musical guest Saint Motel. After running some vintage commercials on the screen at the back of the stage, opener Gibbz was introduced. Gibbz, the performance moniker of Berklee College of Music graduate Mike Gibney, performed a solo set of electro pop that quickly won over the crowd. His sound, created by layers of loops, samples and drum beats, augmented by synths and guitar, created an upbeat groove that turned more than a few heads.

After an intermission that included more vintage commercials and some comedic Johnny Pemberton appearances on the TV screen, Saint Motel took the stage. The band started full throttle with “Puzzle Pieces,” and never let up. The “studio audience,” filling the Cradle were roaring their approval from the start. The band nailed everything on the setlist, but hit singles “Move” and “Destroyer” managed to push the already thrilled crowd over the top. It was a fun concept with a solid performance behind it. Saint Motel continue to deliver innovative, and more importantly, fun shows. Catch them on stage if you get the chance. Check out Photos and set list from the show at Cat’s Cradle below…

Puzzle Pieces
Benny Goodman
You Can Be You
Ace in the Hole
Something About Us
For Elise
Sweet Talk
Cold Cold Man
Do Everything Now
Born Again
My Type

Saint Motel + Gibbz @ Cats Cradle – November 11th 2017

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