Saint Motel @ Venue Nightclub – September 20th 2016

Saint Motel brought their peppy tunes back to Vancouver, this time at VENUE, just a few months after their last trek through this city. Despite the close span between show dates, their stage set-up changed dramatically. Where once was a life-size tiger model being used as a keyboard stand for A/J Jackson, there was now a vintage television set, broadcasting static behind a taped-on acetate print of the band logo. Instead of a giant banner taking up the whole backdrop behind the band, there was now a massive cut-out of the diving woman from the cover of their forthcoming saintmotelevision album over top of floor-to-ceiling glittering silver tinsel strands.The band brought forth a vigorous set of their sunny-sounding, upbeat pop songs, all while remaining active and interacting with the crowd. At on point, Jackson even got down into the audience to sing and jump around, while at other times he climbed atop the television set to boogie, or clambered along the stage-front, letting audience members sing or clasping their hands. Surprisingly, considering the band’s popularity, the show was severely under-attended, perhaps because it had only been about 4 months since their last show here. At that time, they packed Imperial with roughly 400 people. This time, they had been slated to play the Commodore, a venue with more than double that capacity, but instead, the show was moved across the street to Venue, where attendance was low enough that they didn’t even open the upper floor of the room. Even the main floor seemed sparsely attended – I’d be surprised if there were 250 people there. Those who were in the room though were loving it, dancing up a storm and hollering loudly as their favourite tunes came on. I even got roped into a random group hug with a pile of ecstatic strangers before I left for the night! Here are some photos from the event.

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