Seratones + Ghostt Bllonde @ Cats Cradle Back Room – October 21st 2016

Seratones at Cats Cradle Back Room © Dan Kulpa

Friday nights are made for cutting loose. Sometimes the best remedy for a long week of work is to head out and catch a great live band and wash away the weariness with some ferocious and joyful rock ’n’ roll. Seratones are the perfect band to make you forget your troubles. Hailing from Shreveport LA, Seratones mix greasy garage rock and punk attitude with a touch of funk, and they deliver it with soul and swagger. The crowd at Cat’s Cradle Back Room was primed to party, and Seratones definitely delivered.

Seratones have described their music as “all about waking people up,” and that is exactly what they did when they took the stage and launched into “Choking On Your Spit,” from their potent debut album Get Gone which was released on Fat Possum Records earlier this year. The song is a foot stomping burst of pounding drums and fuzzy guitar riffs that swings the door open and it leaves it dangling from its hinges. The band continued with “Necromancer,” before hitting a groove with the smoldering blues-rock of “Don’t Need It.” Frontwoman A.J. Haynes may be diminutive in stature, but she is anything but diminutive in stage presence. She exudes a magnetic charisma, attacking the rhythm guitar with gusto as she steps back from the microphone and wanders the stage. With a voice honed from singing unamplified in a Baptist church, when she steps forward and belts out her powerful and sometimes gritty vocals, it’s truly stunning. Not to be outdone, the rest of the band featuring Connor Davis on guitar, Adam Davis on bass, and Jesse Gabriel on the drums remain extremely tight and often drive the pace to even more furious levels of intensity before the occasional downshift into more soul-tinged and blues soaked songs. The set was culled almost exclusively from Get Gone and highlights included, the album’s title track “Get Gone,” “Headtrip,” and “Take It Easy,” before the set closing “Trees.” Seratones are continuing to grow while riding a wave of momentum. With plenty of charm and chops, they are not only a band to watch for in the future, they are a band to see right now!

Opening the show at the Cradle back room was local Raleigh alternative rock band the Grapes. The center slot was held down by another Raleigh, NC-based band, Ghostt Bllonde. Always a fun band to catch, Ghostt Bllonde certainly deliver a party vibe with their hook-laden indie rock flavored with jangly guitar lines, pleasing harmonies, and the slightest hint of rockabilly rumble.

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