Photo Gallery: Sheldoncole with Phenix Warren + Rachael Schroeder + Stephanie Ratcliff @ Studio Nightclub – June 15th 2017

Studio Nightclub was buzzing with local talent on Thursday night to celebrate the release of Sheldoncole’s EP, Dark. His set was both energetic and intimate, his heartfelt lyrics complemented by the lively atmosphere. He played numerous tracks off of the Dark EP, closing the night with a heartwarming performance of “Home” that radiated throughout the room.

Opening artists Phenix Warren, Rachael Schroeder, and Stephanie Ratcliff each brought their own stunning voices and musical talents to the stage as well, making it a night full of spirited performances.

I’ll admit, there were definitely a few moments where I was so hypnotized by the music that I nearly forgot I was holding my camera. I’m always in awe of the sheer talent that Vancouver hosts.

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