Photo Gallery: Skepta @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – April 18th 2017

English grime artist, songwriter, and record producer Skepta rained fire down at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver on Tuesday.

In 2016 he took home the Mercury Prize in the UK after critical acclaim across the board.

Under a cloak of darkness, he stormed the stage with no pre-show banter. He started the night off with “Konnichiwa”, the title track from the eponymous 2016 album, and it ignited the crowd into immediate chaos.

He made a couple remarks about losing his voice recently at the first weekend of Coachella 2017, but you would be hard-pressed to tell from the ferocity he was spitting lyrics. He did take moments between songs to take sips of what looked like hot tea, so he was definitely fighting through some vocal damage.

Looking past all the hype and outrageous claim, walking into this show I was not sure what would happen, but as I walked out I was left in complete shock. It was the first time in a long time that the crowd at the Vogue Theatre just felt completely out of control, even though they did, for the most part, remain respectful of security and venue staff.

Skepta is the real deal. I don’t fuck with many grime artists but I fuck with Skepta.

skepta vogue theatre vancouver april 18 2017

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