Tash Sultana + Jesse Roper @ Malkin Bowl – May 24th 2018

   Australian Singer-Songwriter took the stage at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park May 24th. I personally have been a fan of Tash for not to long but after hearing about how she’s a “one person band” I couldn’t pass up the chance to see and take photos of her live show. I’ve listened to her music for a bit but hearing her live is a whole different experience. She was preforming in front of a sold out crowd with another 300+ fans outside the fence soaking up the sun and enjoying the good music. She had Victoria native Jesse Roper open up the show. If I ever have the chance to see Tash live again I wouldn’t miss the chance and I would recommend  you don’t either.


Noah Shumka is a 17 year old photographer just breaking into the concert scene. You can see more of his work on his instagram – @NoahShumka

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