Tash Sultana @ The Commodore Ballroom – October 25th 2017

Tash Sultana at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on October 25th 2017

Tash Sultana hails from Australia.

This singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist serve up a force of music to the world that is refreshing yet so familiar it is comforting.

I watched her on stage with my jaw firmly resting on the floor. She danced around barefoot and possessed, willing music from the depths of her soul.

But then it happened, she took it to a whole other level. She picked up her red and orange sunburst Fender and summoned the spirit of Hendrix to her fingers. I watched in shock as she willed tears to well up in my eyes. I stared back at her face and she was lost in the moment, completely swallowed by the music.

Tash Sultana is on another level. Jesus Christ, she blew my mind all over the dance floor and I still haven’t recovered.

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