Photo Gallery: Teen Mortgage + The Shandies + XSMASHCASTERS @ The Southern – January 16th 2019

The Southern Cafe and Music Hall is a chill joint. Perhaps too chill on many occasions. This was not a particularly well-attended show, but no matter… the air was heavy with grungy punk Wednesday evening. At bat first, The Shandies played with reckless enthusiasm, frequently from a horizontal position on the floor. Oddly Teen Mortgage, the main attraction, played second. In quite stark contrast to The Shandies’ wayward energy, Teen Mortgage brought a stone faced wall of grungy, punky, attitude. Both the Shandies and Teen Mortgage are from the Washington DC area. Last up the local Charlottesville band XSMASHCASTERS got all up in the audience’s grill with a heaping dose of attitude.

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