Photo Gallery: The Aquabats! + PPL MVR @ The Showbox – November 7th 2019

Get Out of Here Boredom and Evil!

What do you get when you mix a sad vampire, a group of monkeys fed a steady diet of psych-rock, and a group of aquatic superheroes who are super rad? One of the most fun and enjoyable tour packages I’ve seen in a few years. A night of fun for the whole family.

Ska stalwarts The Aquabats! have built a legacy on the foundation of pure fun. For 25 years they’ve been on the noble mission of injecting the punk scene with a much-needed dose of silliness. Dressed in matching uniforms, complete with a blue color scheme and helmets with goggles, the band’s image evokes a DIY sort of inept heroes who specialize in conquering boredom instead of stopping a global threat. They took to the stage, threw boredom on the ground and stood over it, having won the night with a slew of extra characters including a scientist in a lab coat and an unnamed group of ‘bad guys’. This frenetic display of colorful characters, mixed with the charisma of lead singer The MC Bat Commander makes for a fun, engaging night of music.

A band shrouded in mystery and most likely related the often talked about missing link, the one and only PPL MVR is unlike any band I’ve seen before. They were brought out on stage one at a time by monkey handler and guitarist Dave Pino. Once they were done grunting and settled in they played a blistering, trippy, engaging 40-minute set. The dedication to the image of a yeti and two sasquatches playing music crossed the line of potentially silly into a captivating piece of performance art, anchored by kick-ass rock music. This is a band that will grab your attention, not by yelling at you, like many intense metal bands, but rather by being a spectacle that’s impossible to ignore.

The Aquabats!


Jacob Turnbloom

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