The Electric Six @ The Rickshaw Theatre – April 5th 2017

There were three bands on the bill for my first ever shoot at the old Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver on Wednesday night.  The Electric Six out of Detroit headlined and had local rockers The Prettys and Residual Kid, from Texas, open up.  All three acts had huge audience approval but offered something a bit different.  The Prettys cranked out some great original tunes with strong guitar work and a ‘Brit rock’ bass beat.   Residual Kid would for sure get ID’d anywhere they played but their sound was more mature than their looks.  Moody lights and lyrics went well together but made photography a challenge.  The real deal tonight was Electric Six!  Irreverent, comedic, cynical or just plain anti-establishment,  the band plays whatever Dick Valentine says.  He belts and croons energetically after bland introductions.  “This is song number one…this is song number 2…”  Then follows with “those are our worst three songs.  Now we’ll play our best song, I think?”  The dance floor was packed and the party was on.

The Prettys @ Tim Paille

Residual Kid @ Tim Paille

Electric Six @ Tim Paille

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