G-Eazy performing at @ Ak-Chin Pavilion - August 3rd 2018 ©DCARTER
G-Eazy performing at @ Ak-Chin Pavilion - August 3rd 2018 ©DCARTER

Photo Gallery: “The Endless Summer Tour” ft. G-Eazy + Lil Uzi Vert + Ty Dolla $ign @ Ak-Chin Pavilion – August 3rd 2018

It’s HOT out here, literary!

Ak-Chin Pavilion Phoenix AZ is an outdoor venue and there’s a lot of people here already.

Tonight, we have G-Eazy, Lil Uzi Vert & Ty Dolla $ign.

It’s like every time Ty came to Phoenix for one reason or another I missed his show.

He’s someone that I’ve heard performs well. To me, Ty has come a long way since I cover his XXL Freshman cover show in 2014.

His hype-men sprayed the crowd with water guns, and Ty himself grabbed a few bottles of water and sprinkled the front row (really just us photogs in the pit)

but it was all in good fun. Like I said it was HOT out there!!!

We should’ve known something special was about to hit, because of how long it took for the stage hands to get the monitors & lights set up.

Lil Uzi is a flamboyant ball of intenes energy.

This guy was dancing and jumping around like he was on fire.

Man, just watching him run from side to side on that stage in that heat wore me out.

It’s good the security had water for everyone that needed it.

We (photogs) only got to shoot 3 songs and then had to return back to the press booth.

So I didn’t get a chance to see Uzi run out into the crowd and greet the people.

Lastly G-Eazy, this pretty boy has a nice little female following.

Yeah, they were out there for him let me tell you.

With his Stillhouse Whiskey close at hand, smoke machine lights and monitors put you right in the action of Gerald’s pain, hopes and pleasures.

This is my second time covering G-Eazy, he announced that Phoenix AZ is like his second home. From the way the audience acted, I believe him.


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