The Glitch Mob @ The Vogue Theatre Vancouver © Jamie Taylor
The Glitch Mob @ The Vogue Theatre - May 22nd 2015

Photo Gallery: The Glitch Mob @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – May 22nd 2015

You can’t go wrong by choosing to go to a show by The Glitch Mob.

The three-piece electronic group from L.A. puts on one of the most visually stunning, and heart-palpitating performances you will see today.

The whole presentation is a well oiled machine of auditory perfection and eye-popping stage display.

The three are constantly in motion, there is never a chance to take a breath and watch them get reset. They just keep going.

The constant bombardment of beats and electronic audio manipulation, keeps your ears full to the brim and your feet leaping off the ground.

I was thoroughly impressed with the way they played off on another. Either they have the whole show choreographed or they know each other so well, it is just an amazing level of anticipation and reaction.

The light and stage setup is over the top. The booth they play from is like a post-apocalyptic contraption from some George Miller designed future. They are amazing to watch.

If you haven’t seen them, then go and check them out. If you have, then you know what I am talking about, and can vouch for my excitement.

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