Photo Gallery: The Head And The Heart @ Orpheum Theatre – December 5th 2016

Seattle-baed The Head And The Heart returned to Vancouver to an enthusiastic, packed Orpheum Theatre. The band was spread out across an expansive stage with a rather unique ’60s Danish living room kind of set-up to it, replete with wooden stands, globe lights, feathery potted palms, crushed velvet, and neon lighting. Charming out of the gate, singer Jonathan Russell made a plea to locate a family with a small baby who was wearing ear protectors that he had met before the show, promising to get them passes for seats further from the speakers, but then he had gotten lost in the labyrinth of the theatre trying to find them again. They were shortly located while he asked for folks to be on the lookout for them, and immediately sent the tour manager out to take care of them. From there, they sprung into their set with aplomb, and the crowd likewise sprung to their feet to dance along to the music.

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