Photo Gallery: The Interrupters + Masked Intruder @ The Showbox – April 10th 2019

Dancehall Vibes

What do you get when you mix modern ska, a pop-punk existing inside a skit, and stoner garage punk? One really fun and oddly family friendly Wednesday night. This mixed style lineup brought out the usual lineup of black-clad punks, as well as the more colorful ska crowd, adorned in checkers, bright colors, and suits. The whole show was entertaining and fun from front to back.

Something tells me this might also be the last time we see The Interrupters playing smaller venues, based on the sweat lodge feel of a pack The Showbox. Or maybe it was that a fan handed her a hand-drawn picture of a fist with the ‘Take Back the Power’, a title of one of their songs, scrawled across. Either way, this band is amazing live and you should jump at the oppourtunity to see them live.

The Interrupters

Masked Intruder


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