Photo Gallery: The Jesus & Mary Chain + The Warlocks @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – May 24th 2017

A dark and psych night at the Vogue kicked off with The Warlocks, a California group that seemed almost to perplex the light early crowd in the room. A mid-set comment by them even addressed the quiet reception (almost pin-drop silent as they emerged on stage and polite clapping after the first few songs), asking if the audience was okay. “Talk to me!” I spoke to one of the band members at their merch booth after their set and he said he didn’t mind the quiet crowd. I’m not sure I believe that, but regardless, as soon as they launched into “Surgery” off their album of the same name, it seemed to energize the audience, and they got much louder after that. The band got particularly excited about getting the crowd to show off their latest dance moves during self-proclaimed ;nonsense’ song “Caveman Rock.”

The Vogue floor was full by set changeover, but the venue had the upper level/balcony cordoned off, making the place much stuffier than it needed to be. In an effort to find somewhere to see the bands play, people were standing all over the aisles and walkways, prompting security personnel ‘just doing their jobs’ to force people deeper into the room where they were already packed sardine-tight and the sightlines were poor. Either way, The Jesus & Mary Chain came on out and played a long, dark, grand set, much to the sardines’ sheer joy. The music was punctuated by only a few very thankful, almost shy chats, mostly thanking the crowd and The Warlocks, and letting the room know that if they wanted to hear more, they could, but would have to let them know. The band was backed by various amps with JESUS spraypainted across them, and a huge JAMC banner promoting their latest offering Damage and Joy, and close inspection of the very-backlit Jim Reid proved the singer was wearing a shirt promoting the same.



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