The Mavericks @ Commodore Ballroom Vancouver © Jamie Taylor
The Mavericks @ Commodore Ballroom - May 20th 2015

The Mavericks + Whitney Rose @ Commodore Ballroom – May 20th 2015

I remember listening to The Mavericks in 90s and loving their country rock sound.

I lost track of them until a few years ago when I picked up their catalogue and started listening to them again. They deliver such a rich, multi-level sound experience, its hard not to love them.

Last night they brought that great sound to the Commodore Ballroom, and had the house dancing the night away. The crowd was a little older, but that made the night more fun. It was weird walking through the crowd and seeing people having fun at the same time as they were being courteous to one another. No one was pushing, no one was cramping, it was just a room full of wonderful people enjoying wonderful music.

The opener Whitney Rose was pretty fantastic as well. Her music was like a ray of sunshine on a dark night. It would be hard to be in a bad mood while listening to her.

The Mavericks

Whitney Rose

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