The Steve Hillage Band @ Islington Assembly Hall – November 16th 2019

The Steve Hillage Band @ Islington Assembly Hall – November 16th 2019

Steve Hillage has long been an important figure in the psychedelic and prog scenes. As a member of Gong for the years spanning their Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy of albums (Flying Teapot, Angel’s Egg, and You), he helped to define the space rock genre, after which a series of groundbreaking solo albums in the 70s cemented his reputation as a leading figure in the genre.

In the early 90s, he and his long-time partner Miquette Giraudy formed the electronic dance duo System 7, and though most of his focus since has been on this project, he’s never entirely left his roots behind. His recent tour with The Steve Hillage band – for this lineup made up of Hillage, Giraudy, and the current members of Gong (who also opened the show) – saw him performing a set of songs from his classic 70s albums for the first time in a decade, and even a Gong track (“I Never Glid Before” from Angel’s Egg), backed by swirling psychedelic projections.

The Steve Hillage Band setlist

Talking to the Sun
It’s All Too Much
The Golden Vibe
The Salmon Song
Om Nama Shivaya
Sea Nature
Ether Ships
Lunar Musick Suite
Meditation of the Dragon
Palm Trees (Love Guitar)

The Fire Inside
Solar Musick Suite
The Dervish Riff
Hurdy Gurdy Man

Light in the Sky
The Glorious Om Riff

Hello Dawn
I Never Glid Before

Photos © Matt Condon

The Steve Hillage Band


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