The Wombats @ Rams Head Live – October 20th 2018

This photographer was slightly late to the show, but no matter for Barns Courtney had plenty of goofy rockstar exuberance to spare for the rest of his act. Just a year ago he released his first solo studio album The Attractions Of Youth. 2018 has seen two singles, “99” and “Good Thing”. I certainly look forward to seeing more from Barnaby in the future.

The Wombats entered the creepy sound normally found at the end of “Cheetah Tongue”. Their set included “Patricia the Stripper” and their newest single “Bee Sting” among fan favorites such as “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”, “Greek Tragedy”, and “Jump Into The Fog”. True to form, the apparent tradition of placing a cute stuffed animal somewhere on stage was not ignored as a plush squirrel (not a wombat!?) was perched atop Dan Haggis’ kick drum.

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